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May Newsletter | 2023

Making a Difference in Our Community Newsletter | May 2023


A house of love for the community

A home is a place of love, support and caring. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in such a place. The OWEN team at We Sell Your Home wants to do things differently by participating in the project to build a home that is filled with love for the community.

For many families, a home is synonymous with a peaceful life, without fear of tomorrow. For some families and many young people, a home is a place of instability. The real estate agency's construction project will allow people who have suffered to believe in better days. The "Nous Vendons Votre Maison"- it will be called that- will be the living environment for people whose needs are greater. The real estate agency will donate the house to an organization that shares its mission and values.

The Nous Vendons Votre Maison project Casa

Giving is the mission of the Nous Vendons Votre Maison agency

Giving a home to enhance the lives of people in the community is part of the mission of Nous Vendons Votre Maison. Since its inception in February 2021, the agency has been making a difference in the lives of its members, the families it serves, and in the community. The construction of the We Sell Your House is a great example. Since 2022, the team leaders and directors of the agency have been contributing to this cause by donating a portion of their salaries to the coffers of the future Nous Vendons Votre Maison. Currently, the agency has raised $230,000 for this community project.

Would you like to collaborate on the Nous Vendons Votre Maison project? Think of the agency Nous Vendons Votre Maison when selling your property or recommend one of the agency's teams to a neighbour, family member or friend who dreams of selling their home by calling 514 830-2151.

A real estate agency that gives back

Sabrina Parr, management coordinator with the Dussault team, visited 2 youth shelters in 2022 with Bertrand Dussault, president and CEO of Nous Vendons Votre Maison. This tour was the trigger for the construction project of the Nous Vendons Votre Maison house.

Here is Ms. Parr's testimony:

"The first shelter looked like a traditional house. The interior was warm. The second one was bigger, cold. The kids had no place to play outside. It gave me the chills. Mr. Dussault and I couldn't imagine a child growing up in such an environment. These shelters exist because there is a lack of warm homes for youth. The We Sell Your House will bring stability and human warmth to people in the community."

Making a difference:

The Nous Vendons Votre Maison agency, offers buyers and sellers a unique team system. This team is composed of real estate brokers, but also specialists in property marketing.

Nous Vendons Votre Maison: the agency of the future

Nous Vendons Votre Maison is changing the world of real estate and becoming the agency of the future.

Our brokers are practicing real estate in an innovative way, allowing every seller and buyer of a property to live the best customer experience. The clients of Nous Vendons Votre Maison benefit from a unique team system. They receive the services of a real estate broker, but also those of professionals focused on the marketing of each home for sale. This is the strength of our real estate agency.

Nous Vendons Votre Maison puts people first, before profits. Our professionals contribute to the well-being of the community and are committed to six core values on a daily basis, which are:

𝐒exceptional service

𝐄nurturing and inspiring others to reach new heights


𝐕enhance relationships by expressing gratitude

𝐈nurture the notion of continuous improvements

𝐑achieve dreams

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